Prayer Facilities

The prayer room is situated in the basement of Vanderbilt Hall, which is located at 107 Avenue Lois Pasteur Boston, MA 02115. This is opposite to the Harvard Medical School yard where the LM2 shuttle stop is. In order to to access the room for prayer you must first submit your name and details to
Anzir Moopen, our Student Liasion Officer who deals with arrangments for access to the prayer room. After he receives your name, he will directed to Reen Carter who will make sure the security and the adminstration have your name addedd to their list of Muslims who can access the prayer room. This usually takes few days. then Anzir will inform you that you can know access the room, once he receives confirmation from Reen carter. Please do not try to access the room until you get this confirmation. He will also supply you with combination lock code for the door of the room.

Currently, we pray congregational Noon prayers (Dhuhur) at 1:00 pm and afternoon prayer (Asr) at 5:00pm every weekday. We gather few minutes before these times outside Vanderbilt Hall, and enter all at once to minimize the burden on the security personnel so that they would open for us the door only once each prayer time. We cannot enter the basement of the Vanderbilt Hall unless the security gaurd opens the door for us. If you come at any other times and the security gaurd does not know you as one of the Muslims who pray, tell him/her you are a Muslim who's name is on the list of people who can access the prayer room. He may need your ID to check your name with the list, and then lets you in. If there are any problems or issues arising, please do not argue with any of the security or adminstration and turn back if you are not given access. Email Anzir, or Wael Al-Delaimy expalining the problem and Insha'allah it can be solved, and every misunderstanding worked out.

To have an idea on the location of the place please click on the follwoing Longwood area map.

For Friday prayer, it has been now established at the Brighim and Womens Hospital interfaith chapel, situated at the lobby of the hospital, near the enterance of the hospital at 75 Francis Street. Prayers start at 1:15 pm. There is also the option of Friday congregational prayer (Juma') at Northeastern University. The prayer is held at the 4th floor of the student union center. It starts at 1:00 pm. The student center for Northeastern University is just two stops away by the T (subway) E line (get off at Northeastern stop).

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