Nancy Oriol, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Harvard Medical School
260 Longwood Ave

August 5, 2001

Dear Dr. Oriol

On behalf of the Muslims in the Harvard Longwood campus we would like to thank the administration of the Medical School and the Vanderbilt Hall for providing for us a prayer room in the basement level of the hall to perform our 5 times daily prayers. This was possible by your kind support to provide a prayer room for Harvard affiliates here in the Medical campus. This shows your cultural sensitivity and understanding, and far-reaching insight, where Muslims are becoming an important part of the American society. We believe a time will come in the future when your name will be associated with the first Muslim prayer room provided for Muslims in the Harvard Longwood campus.

We would like to specifically acknowledge the sincerity and dedication of Reen Carter in following up our request for a special prayer room, and the co-operation of Thomas Gillogley to make this happen. Many thanks for the security personnel for facilitating our access to the room.

We look forward to positively contribute to the social activities and the diverse community of which Harvard is known to well accommodate.


On behalf of the Harvard Longwood Campus Muslims

Student Liaison Officer
Anzir Moopen

Wael Al-Delaimy

Reen Carter
Thomas Gillogley
Security office