Reen and Steve Carter
Resident Fellows
Vanderbilt Hall
107 Avenue Lois Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115


Dear Reen and Steve

We wanted to send you this letter to express our gratitude and appreciation for your initiative and support to establish the Muslim prayer room for the Muslim community here at the Longwood campus of Harvard University. In a couple of months it will be a year now since we started this and we have found this small room a refuge for us from the daily busy hours to take few minutes of peace and perform our daily prayers. We used to wander around seeking a corridor, a small space, or even the library to perform these prayers, and that was very difficult for us. We wanted to note your effort and personal support so as it would not go by unnoticed. This was the right step to achieve better cultural understanding, respect, and interaction for the Longwood community, and the Muslims in specific, which we hope we will be able to build on positively for the future.


On behalf of the Muslims in the Longwood area

Wael Al-Delaimy

cc. Muslims in Longwood Campus